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Quality Materials Information

Photography All photography is shot by a commercial photographer. The prints are therefore, first generation prints, suitable for framing. This applies to these categories: $4.00 notecards and all larger matted and/or framed photos. They are the truest color matching the original icons. Some less expensive cards and a few of the smaller matted pictures are second generation prints made by a commercial printer's shop.

Matting The photgraphs are all matted by hand. The notecards are assembled individually by hand. Some images have two colors of matting, designated with a (dm) in the code number indicating that they are double matted.

Frames Metal frames are heavy metal of high quality. Each image is matted and framed by hand. Wood frames are of single grain, solid wood.

Plaques The plaques are laminated over high quality photographs in a slightly matte finish.

The Divine Mercy
The Divine Mercy icon depicts Saint Faustina Kowalska’s vision of Christ in 1931. She beheld Christ clothed in a white garment with His right hand raised in blessing. His left hand touches His garment in the area of the heart, from which emanates two large rays, one red and one white, representing His Precious Blood which is the life of souls, and the Water which flowed from His side on the Cross making souls righteous.
Note Cards (NC-5X7-DM)  $4.00   
Matted Photos - In Bags (PHM-11x18-DM)  $45.00   
Matted Photos - In Bags (PHM-7x10-DM)  $17.00   
Matted Photos - In Bags (PHM-8x10-DM)  $17.00   
Wood Framed Photo (PHWF-8X10-DM-001)  $30.00   
Matted Photos - 6 Pack (PHWF-8X10-DM-001-6)  $30.00   
Plaques (PL-4x7-DM)  $21.00  

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