Nancy Lee Smith, IHM, a native of St. Louis, Missouri, began her art career at Webster College and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in metal sculpture from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. She also majored in English and Theology, while her Master of Divinity is from St. John Seminary, Plymouth, Michigan. Her training includes apprenticeships with Ksenia Pokrovsky, co- founder of the Iconographers' Society of Moscow, Russia. Writing icons full time for eighteen years, her many icons hang in churches, lobbies and private homes in the Americas and Europe.
St. Joseph the Betrothed
IHM Motherhouse Chapel, Monroe, MI
20" x 24"

Saint Joseph Studio, formed in cooperation with the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in Monroe, Michigan, is located on the grounds adjacent to the Motherhouse. The Studio seeks to visually manifest the Beauty of God in Jesus Christ, the Image or Icon of God, and to bring others into communion with God. Nancy personally attempts to depict God's Beauty and to fascinate others with God's Beauty. The invisible world of heaven and the communion of saints become tangible through icons.
Nancy has executed a significant body of original work depicting women founders of religious congregations, leaders in ministry.

On a national scale, Nancy gives retreats, presentations and workshops on praying with icons, as well as on the specific saints whose icons she has written. She currently is completing commissions for Arlington, Virginia, Dublin, Ireland, St. Louis, Missouri and several places in Michigan and Ohio.

Individuals also work with Nancy to learn the art of icon writing. They come from various professions and places, staying for a range of time periods. Send inquiries to
Commission Requirements

Original icons are painted in either of two mediums, egg tempera or acrylic. Pricing depends upon both size and complexity. Very small icons are more costly than medium sized ones, because of the labor intensity. Usually two years is needed to complete the research and develop the sketch. Required is one third of the final price to initiate a contract and pay for materials. Send inquiries to